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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tabitha Boeve who was born in Michigan on September 22, 1994 and passed away on September 10, 2004 at the age of 9. We will remember her forever.
Tabitha died at the scene in an 3 car automobile accident Sept 10 2004.She would have been 10 years old on Sept 22 2004.
Tabitha's sister Stephanie ( who was 5 at the time ) was in serious  condition with head injuries. stephanie has recoved from her injuries and is doing fine. Tabitha was  an amazing young girl,Her love for people and her faith.She had just started going to Our Lady Of The Lake  Church, and was to make her 1 st communion in april, she was so excited.She enjoyed watching Nascar races and going to Berin Raceway,Where she use to watch her uncle, Scott Baker,Who was killed while racing in ohio in june of 2000.  Tabitha would tell her aunt Julie Baker that Uncle Scott would always be her # 1 driver, but she liked Tony Stewart..We had to keep an eye on him he was going to win big.  Tabitha loved to dance,her and steph took dance classes together, she also loved to play video games with her dad.
Tabitha learned to drive a golf cart and a go cart at a young age. She loved to swim and was teaching her sister.Tabitha had just taught Stephanie how to ride her bike without training wheels.She would tell Steph 'you can do it.just keep trying.Tabitha and Stephanie would then ride down the st. to their Aunt Debbie's. Then back to their house.
Tabitha and Stephanie would stay with me ( grandma Barb ) and Aunt Julie throught the week and go home on the weekends because of the hours their parents worked.
Little did we know that friday was to be our last week together. We have been Blessed to have had this time.

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They Say There Is A Reason   / Debbie (Aunt)
They say there is a reason, They say that time will heal, But neither time nor reason, Will change the way I f...  Continue >>
to parent's and loved one's of tabitha   / John Aldridge (none)
I'am so very sorry for you'r loss i can't imagine the pain you must feel God bless you and i pray you'r suffering is atlast done, becuase the memories of loved one's should be kept alive but not the suffering,God bless you.

Heavenly Valentine's Day   / Dawn Stepmom Of Alexis Farmer (Angel Family Friend )
Merry Christmas   / Dawn Daniel (Angel friend )
God's Heavenly Garden   / Tabby's Family (Whole Family )
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you are deeply missed  / Amanda Boeve (mom)    Read >>
im sorry for ur lose  / Im Cheri Brooks Friend She Sent Me This Web (my names lisa wellsering )    Read >>
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